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How many of you are aware Or heard of something called ‘Lord of knowledge’
Many of us worship Lord Vinayaka but very few know that he is also known as ‘The Lord of Knowledge’
So why we call him ‘The Lord of Knowledge’

Your answer might be like giving justification to his powers He is God and he has powers and he fought with so many evil persons and destroyed evil from the world.Right.
But not you are not given the right answer still then what could be the right answer
You might have heard the story about the race between the two brothers to win ‘Title Of Vignahartha’
Which means killing all obstacles of the human.
The battle is between the elder brother and the small brother
Elder brother Karthikeya Swamy got much power and a vahana of peacock which has high speed then what small brother Vinayaka has which is a small ‘rat’
Everyone who is watching the race. All God’s were sure that this battle is going to by his elder bother Karthikeya Swamy because of the simple reason the more powerful person win the battle but here the battle is between the God’s so imagine how it would be…
So accordingly winning the hopes of all other God’s Lord Karthikeya started his race fast to round the world and prove his parent’s that his going to win the title.
But Lord Ganesha Thought That The Race Is To Round The World But My World Is My Parents
Careful to listen now what I am saying… ‘that many of us think of lot of things in life about doing great things and achieve something big but what happens we don’t believe something others believe in us.
The result would be failure. But Lord Ganesha have not done that he believed in what he thought and so he instead of going far away somewhere he just circled his parents ‘Lord Shiva’ and ‘Goddess Parwathi’ and won the title of Vignahartha.
Which means he is the Lord who lessen your troubles
How precious title he won from the ancient times till now we believe that Lord Ganesha is our Vignahartha
What we learnt from this story…
Some say respecting parents…
Will respecting your parents is enough that completes your responsibilty ?
No, it’s not.
♧You should worship your parents as they are your world.
Now let talk a little about our belief system.
That belief system which people have so many misconceptions about here we discuss about them.
Belief is the beautiful thought by which people get inspired to do something, admire you, love for your dedication.
It is the river that flows internally and that river we flow can call it as interest and if this interest is true the other person next to you realize the purity in your energy Or otherwise he sense the purity and honesty of your work and extend his support to accomplish your will.
How does it sound to you wonderful.
Non-living things we believe in it like for example color. We believe in color right.
What does color do…. ‘does it respond’.

What does color do…. ‘does it move’.
What does color do…. ‘does it change’.
But we still believe in color… why it is happening.
Think about it. Also you surprise to know when I say you believe in something which is totally invisible.
Guess what it is ?
If your answer is GOD.
The answer is TIME.
Some might be watching Time in their cell phone but my dear friend even you stop watching time in your cell phone still there is time and it is counting.
On & on they are many things we believe.
But we didn’t realize that we are believing in them.
Why does it happening to us what making us to believe in them which never taste,
which neither speak,
which neither change Or
which neither move
Continue reading because I going to tell you why do we believe in non-living things.
The ability to belief an other ability is ☆True Belief ☆
See the color has the ability to apply on the material and we believe on that ability.
Color is the one ability
Material is an other ability
So here we justified why do we believe in Non-living things.
Though it doesn’t have emotional feeling like humans
So you have to understand that belief have nothing to do with bravery Or courage Or any other feeling that people show-off :)…..
All you need to know ☆Belief Is The Ability☆
Further continuation can you please tell what is difference between a stone that is not worshiped and the stone that is worshipped.
You know the explanation from generation we are listening only one explanation and that is the stone which we worship in the temple taken many hammer and chisel hits from the sculpture. So it is worshiped.
And the other stone is not because it not had taken any hammer Or chisel hits.
This is the only explanation we are listening…
I found this explanation is funny.
Yes, funny :)….
And at the end of my explanation I will make sure you feel the same. OK. Now listen…
If someone hit with the hammer to human beings only once.
You know what happens.
The blood come out of your body from the place where hammer has hit and the floor fills with red color…. Oh! my god…then what happens.
The situation becomes critical and it need to be treated. Right.
Then where is the matter of taking many hits of hammer and chisel.
You might be thinking it is the stone and so because stone it needed hammer and chisel hits and we are body is not made of stone why do someone hit with hammer and chisel….
So dear my question is why are you giving those example which is not human. Tell something human so that human understands :)…. The human thing is

The sculpture has a vision.
Accordingly he craft something till he get the shape that he is willing to see on the stone.
Everyone talks about different things about how something great are achieved.
But no one talks the vision that the sculpture got for himself.
It is the actual ability that anybody can have for themself.
But why no one talks about it.
Because someone want to prove smart themself.
They talks something very difficult.
Something Very tough.
That people should not have to understand what they saying.
Instead they only want us see confused.
Once this happens…
The purpose of the leader accomplishes. it feels like so funny which is the fact.
Real Leader purpose shouldn’t have to be like that.
He should make every point crystal clear.
So the person to whom he is explaining must have able to get some help.
Otherwise what is the use of making audience confuse and look at you in surprise.
There will be no change in people they just fall back to the point from where they have started.
Isn’t it ? Right.
That’s not complete.
So far we are discussing about belief
What we have discussed let’s summarise
1• We believed in Material
2• We believed in our Interest
3• We believed beautiful nature
4• We believed in sculpture
5. We believed in Time
What is left in believing topics that we are discussing…

Now if we listen to a wonderful story it gives us good feeling and if that story is about true relationship between two persons the credit should goes to there character.

This story tells us what is the special ingredient that two people has which makes them special – The title of the story is Friendship

“Character Is More Important”

Krishna and Karan are two friend. They did schooling together, they did collage together and they married different women but they are working in the same company but there nature of characters are different. Krishna and Karan both are intelligent and nice persons. They help each other in office and get the work complete by the end of the day so that they wont face any problem and there carrier goes smoothly but one day The manager called Krishna and told him “we signed a deal with one of the biggest company and we are so lucky to have the project but unless we complete the assigned work by our client”

Krishna felt happy and said “it’s great achievement sir and congratulations for your great efforts we able to get the project and now please tell me what is my work so that I complete it and make my contribution for the company”.
The manager Ravi felt happy for what he said and assigned him the work and also told him ‘If you are going to complete this assignment within the time you will also going to promoted with higher level and your salary increment will also be 40% higher then your current salary. Is that ok’.
Krishna accepted and went happily to his desk checking files and making strategies to complete the work in time and he making notes for it.
Karan arrived “Hey! You seem busy what is the problem, have something went wrong?”
“Don’t talk just help me”.
“Look at here we have several things to work-on”
“No but’s Or if ‘s just look at here we have new car designs for Mercedes”
“I can see that but we haven’t completed this week scheduled assignments and leaving behind that now new assignment. Who gave you this assignment?”
“Our boss”
“Oh! I see it’s an special work for special persons”
“I don’t know about your work dear friends, but I will look at what I can do for you. Before that additional work from my side to you please complete my pending work because I am going for birthday party now. Please take care Krishna”. Karan said and left the office premises.
Karan is more intelligent than Krishna and he is thinking to take help from him but everything turned against his plan.
Krishna confused and he doesn’t understood how to explain Karan who is instead of helping him making burden on him giving some additional work.
However Krishna checked Karan file thinking that his pending work he will complete in less time but his entire work is pending so he left it as it is.
Next day when Krishna entered into the office Karan already there and as soon as he seen Krishna he ran towards him asking for his work to submit him.
Krishna in depressed look at Karan and said “On one condition I will submit your completed work to you but if you only promise to help me”
Karan replies “Oh! Come on; Sure I will help you but give me my folder”.
Krishna handed over his work and said “Look Karan next day we have to submit the designs to the Managing director so today your entire day of your help is I needed”.
Karan took his folder and said “Krishna, I deliberately did all this. To stop you from doing what is most important to you to face the hate from everyone”.
Krishna looked at him in anger “Go away Or something worst going to happen now”.
Karan moved and returned late night again to his office after leaving to home to tease Krishna for his failure.
“Why you were here?” Krishna asked Karan in anger.
Karan replied “To see that you are going mad for your failure”
“Why you are doing this to me?” Krishna worried.
“Hey! You get everything so I am least bothered about you and your problems”. After Karan irresponsible answer Krishna stood up in Anger went near to him very close warned him very seriously.
“Get lost from here” He shouted.
Krishna thought so much about what he did and how to show his place where he is standing.
Next day Krishna went to office and in some the MD arrived. He looked at Krishna and called him to the cabin.
They both discussed for long time and on other side the employees worried and Karan is also worried now instead of getting happy. They had various thinking’s about what is happening inside the cabin.
“They are having heat argument” someone said.
Agreeing upon what he said everyone nodded their heads.
After sometime The boss Karan in the cabin and in some time all together Karan, Krishna and the boss came out and said “Attention please an important announcement everyone please pause your work look at me here”
Everyone is already waiting for that moment. They already paying attention. The boss continued “Look how things happened in life and in office” he paused and look at all to check whether everyone is paying attention Or not.
All paying attention to him “I have given some very important assignment to Krishna couple of days ago to get it done and here he what he came up with the explanation for his work”. Before he further say something everyone started murmuring “Shut up everyone” he screamed
“I checked all the designs that I gave him to complete and I wondered to see he has completed everything in perfect crystal clear I am so happy and appreciated him for his work and promised him the increment”.
Everyone heard it what MD said clapped in appreciation for Krishna congratulating him for his success.
After all finished clapping “I have done the same mistake of thinking that the work I given to him completed by him self unless he told me Karan is real champ who did all this, so as to keep my promise I promote Karan to the next higher level and Krishna remains in the same level”. After saying this everyone congratulated Karan and The boss too congratulated him and said “Keep it up” with smile.
But Karan looked in confusion surrounding innocence around him. He went to Krishna and asked him “What is happening? And Why the big man promoted me?” with affection he said.
“Congratulation Karan” Krishna also congratulated him. “But Why?” Karan asked anxiously.
“I only thought that you are giving trouble but when till yesterday evening I didn’t understand you. You have done all my work secretly to surprise me… That’s what made me to think… that If you can do so much to me than why can’t I do something for you. So I did it.
After all you are my childhood friend”.
Karan filled with love with Krishna affection and his words.
“Our Friendship has continued so long not because of your Or my ability but because of our character inside.” Karan said and they hugged each other and that hug is the promise that their friendship will last forever and ever and ever and ever.

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