Girl empowerment and ironic society


Ayna khan

Respect Girls

Our society nowadays is laying great stress upon girls empowerment we see different kind of #tags like, girl power, girl empowerment, respect girls, equal rights etc. But what the reality is? Do we seriously accept all these things? Do we really mean our words? Do we really act upon the slogan of giving equal rights to girls?

What we really mean by such slogans. What’s our reality. What we speak about girl empowerment and what we actually do.

Double meanings, irony, lame excuses what it is?
Let me put my words. Ever noticed each and every religion and culture poses all the above mentioned words in their views?
Every religion and culture have their own views their own rules and regulations. But when it comes about girl rights why all become same.
Means the view of every religion is same about girls and the condition a girl is facing is also the same in every religion.
The girl living in any Society or culture, facing the same issues and nothing good is happening in this matter.
Why this? When all this will come to an end? When a girl will have the life as according to the views of our religions.

What’s the views of religions about girls?

Islam says girl is a blessing. No one is more lucky than the women whose first child is a baby girl. Islam gives equal rights to women.

In Hinduism people say girl is Lakshmi (the goddess of money), the consort of god Vishnu.

Christianity also talks about girl empowerment and equal rights of girls.
Many seminars are held in this regard. Everyone is working for girl rights in these societies.

Sikhism, Jews, Buddhism, Chemonist, every society is talking about girl power. Everyone seems much more busy for providing sympathy for girls.

But the point is, when everyone is thinking that much about women and when every religion has that much rights and respect for girls then why a girl is facing difficulties in all the societies and religions?? Why a girl is raped no matter she is a young virgin, a cute child, and old and weak lady and even if belongs to a transgender. No matter she is in western dressing or in Asian or having her face covered. She gets raped in all the conditions.

None of the culture is bad and not any religion’s teachings are wrong. It’s just the sick mentality of our societies. We show irony, double meanings and put lame excuses when asked.

No one is loyal to his own words. All the slogans and seminars are just for show off.

If everyone says girl is a blessing then why these blessings are raped? Why a girl is taught to give sacrifices? Why a girl is asked at the time of marriage that now her husband’s family is everything why boys are not asked for the same? Why a girl don’t have her own house? As a child she has her father’s house as shelter then her husband’s house and then at the end her son’s house is her shelter, which one is her own.?

A famous line all of us had heard in our life that “Boys don’t Cry” but why? Because they made these blessings to cry.
Every society is claiming for giving equal rights to girls but all in vain. Social media is full of such videos and posts that girls should have equal rights but these sites become silent when it comes for real efforts.
Boys making videos on social sites about girls empowerment and society’s cruelty toward girls but at the other moment they rape their fellow girl. It’s irony, double meanings isn’t it?

When we all know very well that girl is a blessing and give lecturers about it then why girls are facing so many problems?
Boys think they are not bound to anyone but girls are bound to them. The reality is something else boys are bound to girls. A boy gets birth by a women, a boy is nurtured by a women, a boy gets married to a women, he needs a women in each aspect of life but no one accepts it.

A girl don’t need your ironic words about girl power, a girl don’t need your temporary care, a girl don’t need the show off of your love, a girl needs respect, she needs a place of her own.
A strongest girl becomes weak when she is being ignored even after all of her hardships she is doing, when she is disrespected by the one she loves, and a most weak girl becomes strong enough when she gets massive respect.
A man is responsible for making her strong or weak she don’t need any support she can do anything at its own but she needs respect.

Disrespect her once, she’ll forget and start again but repeat it again and again then at the moment she’ll become strong enough and she’ll start loving just her own self and at that time she can do wonders. A women is love but not that weak to be disrespectful ever and ever again. That thing becomes her strength at one moment.
Think deeply and decide what you are going to make a women. A strong and caring companion or a strong self centered and successful Individual. In both the conditions girls gets strong but one side is smooth while the other one is achieved after too many hardships and humiliations.
But the end is a successful women because she is a women. The sign of sacrifices as well as the sign of success.
Girls are not bound. Girls don’t need ironic appreciation, girls just need respect…

…Ayna khan…

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