Ayna khan


The lady with great strength. The name of success and power. The hope for many. A strong figure and the proud lady of her land.
The life we are given is a great blessing of God. The one who takes it for granted is the biggest fool ever. Life is a great gift ever. If we are completely fit and fine than we can do wonders with this life. Life needs it’s great use. But it doesn’t need pride. For this beautiful life we must be thankful to God.
Sometimes we become proud of our abilities. But all these abilities are gifted by Almighty. Being completely able doesn’t mean that you are superior than the ones who are disabled mentally or physically. Even in some cases disabled ones are more famous than the abled ones. Helen killer is a great example and a great motivation in this regard. We are given this life to enjoy it as fullest. Not to waste it in being proud and jealous. Everyone has their own abilities we just need to feel them.
Life needs its proper use, use it being happy and kind.
“Happiness is not a reward, it’s a choice”
Ayna khan

Make it a choice and live a joyous life. Life is a beautiful journey if we enjoy travelling. Make your journey a memorable one. No one is born perfect or successful, everything needs your time and hard work. Hard work always results in success. Success is not easy.
“ The way to success is not that easy, as each mountain has its beginning from the ground”

Behind every successful person is a dark past. But the successful is the one who illuminate his present and leads it to his future. To overcome your disabilities and weak point is the toughest task ever. No one is more successful than the person who overcomes his disabilities and make his life a remarkable one. This article is written in this regard to give some glimpses of such an awesome lady who made her life a remarkable one. Her life is a great example for disabled people and she herself is a great motivation for many.

Behind every successful person is a dark past. But the successful is the one who illuminate his present and leads it to his future. To overcome your disabilities and weak point is the toughest task ever. No one is more successful than the person who overcomes his disabilities and make his life a remarkable one. This article is written in this regard to give some glimpses of such an awesome lady who made her life a remarkable one. Her life is a great example for disabled people and she herself is a great motivation for many.

Not everyone comes with a great name and fame in this world. We have to achieve both by our own. Some may have from birth some may achieve by their own. A long list can be made out about the second one.
Success is something that can be achieved even when we are completely lost and weak. Success doesn’t need a strong body, it needs a focused mind. Success needs efforts. After having hardships and struggle, one wants to quit but a ray of hope comes from somewhere from his or her inner self or from anyone close to him and that ray can become the reason of great achievements in life. We can make our stressed life a happiest one if we are conscious about our goals of life.
One must remember that God is always with him even when he/she is completely lost and dead. All he wants to do is to believe on his/her own self and have faith on God. Keep trying and get your goal. If you yourself are focused to your desired destination then no one can stop you to reach that destination. Definitely you’ll see hardships but once the destination is rewarded all the hardships will disappear. Your success will spread the cover of happiness upon your struggles.
The one who continuously works for his/her goal achieve it at any means. Such people have great strength. Life without aim is useless, we must have a powerful aim to make our life meaningful. Even a disabled person can make wonders as compared to the abled ones if he has a focused mind for his desired goal. Success is not bound only to the abled ones.
Let me put my little words for such figure. Muniba Mazari, known as the “Iron lady of Pakistan”. A motivational speaker, artist, activist, anchor, singer, model and national Ambassador for UN women Pakistan. She is the first wheelchair model of Pakistan. She uses wheelchair due to some injuries. She is the most famous figure of her country and the most motivated figure of the world. A great hope for the people like her. A great inspiration for many. And also a great strength for women.
Muniba got married at the very young age of 18. After 3 years of her marriage, at the age of 21 the couple met an accident while travelling in a car from Quetta to their Hometown. She lost almost everything after that accident. She got major injuries and became paraplegic. Her married life ended after the accident. She lost her dear ones. She lost her friends and family. But the only thing remained by her side was her dreams. Her aim of successful and happy life.
Eve a strongest person becomes weak when he looses his dear ones. Same had happened to her. When her husband and family left her alone on death bed in a hospital, she was completely hopeless and never wanted to live.
At that time her words were,
” why Am I alive, why not to be dead?”
But she changed her own words, the lady made great wonders in her life even being completely paralyzed. She made great use of her only thing which she had by her side and that was her great thirst for a successful life. She proved herself on her own. She made the perfect and great use of her life. She started painting from her hospital’s bed. She remained calm towards the negative people around her and never stopped her hard work. As a result she came up with a brand known as “Muniba’s Canvas” with the slogan,

“let your walls wear colors”

She is now having a high level exhibitions for her paintings in Pakistan and also in Dubai. She did a lot great work. But the work of paintings is not enough, she camp up with many other wonders. She is the first ever model in Pakistan to use wheelchair as her spine bone got injured and could not walk. She is a motivational speaker. An inspiration for many people around the globe.

Her husband left her after accident but she never spoke a single word against him in any of her interviews. She just says whenever asked such question that,
“No one leaves you with no reason”.
Meaning she is such a positive lady that she don’t wanna speak against the one who left her in her tough time when she needed great support from him. Her father also left her alone and divorced her mother as she was by her side. Muniba never took all this as her weakness, but instead made it her strength and started her journey for a new life.
The lady turned her disabilities into abilities. She is truly an inspiration. The lady made wonders and rightly can be called as an Iron lady. How can one be that strong when one is completely broken ?

The lady rightly turned her can’t into can. She proved that nothing is impossible if you are courageous and conscious about your dreams.
Now we can rightly say that when she was left alone by her husband and family. The only thing she took tightly by her side was her dreams. Her thought of being an inspiration. Her aim of being a great example of girl power. Her dream to prove her abilities. She did whatever she wanted. She never complained against her family or husband even once. She made her life a great example for many people around the globe. She is a symbol of strength. She is still making great use of her precious life. Her disabilities can’t stop her way to success. It doesn’t matter she could walk or not but she never stopped dreaming.

The support Muniba had by her side was only of her mother. Her mother’s life also got infected as her father divorced her but she never left her alone. The lady continued her struggle and proved that she is not alone. In fact she became the support of many disabled people and encouraged them to realize their abilities and live a better life.

Many people talking about her say that she is fake, she is the reason of her separation. She is rude and a proud lady. She herself ended her married life. She used her disabilities as the reason of gaining sympathy and fame. She is doing all this just for the sake of money. She ruined her married life and also the life of her mother. She is the reason of her parent’s separation. She never cares for anyone she is thinking just of her own.
Let’s take it as real for a while, but the point is who we are to judge her. First we need to be perfect only then we can become the judgemental one. Why to talk about anyone’s negative side ? Why to have negative thoughts for anyone ?Why not to be positive always ? Why not to have focus just on that she is a great inspiration. She had overcame her weakness. She is a great example of strength. She is helping the needy. She made her country proud. She is working for the right of women. Can’t we ignore her negative side by having focus on that much positive works by her. She is such an awesome lady who made such a great name by her own. All her fame and success is achieved by her own.
She never left hope of living. She had faced a lot of struggle but nothing had stopped her from achieving her goal. She did all this with a disabled body. She made her name in the field of modeling without walking but on her wheelchair. She is a great writer, a deep thinker and motivational speaker. If she is fake and did this for fame, then we must remember that no matter how her character is, she is an inspiration for many. It doesn’t matter she did this with positive intentions or negative. She just did it. She changed her own words from,
Why Am I alive, why not to be dead?
Don’t die before your death.

These words are great example of motivation and the lady herself is an inspiration so why to put light on her negative side if she is the reason of positive change for the lives of many. No matter how negative we are, if we become the reason of hope for anyone then we are most successful. No one has given us the power of judging anyone that’s the duty of Almighty not ours.
Why to judge anyone? Are we jealous of their success or is it something else? Can’t we see anyone growing. Can’t we bear their success ? Actually the reality of our society is that when someone is entering the path of success all the people become against him. If we want success in life we should be deaf. We should not focus on the positive words of people. We should be away from such kind of company around us. To be successful in life we must be conscious about the people in our surroundings. The lady did the same thing and achieved her goal. She became deaf for such kind of views toward her.
She has truly proved herself as the sign of power. She made her name in many fields like singing, modeling and writing. She is a well known artist, famous motivational speaker. Also a great hope for women. She turned her weakness into her strength and achieved great for her life.
Great lady and a strong successful women by her own. The Iron lady of her land. Proud for her land and for the women all around the world.

….Ayna khan….

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